New recording “Murgonzley” now available

Jerry Bergonzi – Tenor Saxophone (US)

Mike Murley – Tenor Saxophone (Can)

Johnny Åman – Double Bass (SF)

Anders Mogensen – Drums (DK) 

Link to full album:

Track listing: 

  1. Down 5:40 (Bergonzi)
  2. Gecko Plex 6:45 (Bergonzi)
  3. Mitra’s Mood 6:45 (Murley)
  4. Table Steaks 6:55 (Bergonzi)
  5. Veronika 3:00 (Murley)
  6. Awake 6:45 (Bergonzi)
  7. An Internal Affair 8:50 (Bergonzi) 
  8. It Could 3:25 (Åman/Mogensen)
  9. A New Wayning Moment 5:10 (Murley)

Murgonzley showcases legendary Boston tenor man Jerry Bergonzi with Mike Murley, one of Canada’s most celebrated jazz artists.  Sparks fly as the two veteran saxophonists meet for this freewheeling session, supported by two of the most versatile musicians on the European jazz scene. With the prolific Scandinavian rhythm section of bassist Johnny Åman and drummer Anders Mogensen laying down a solid foundation, Bergonzi and Murley are in their element.  After four memorable nights at Toronto’s Rex Jazz Bar, the quartet went directly into the studio in Boston. The resulting musical conversation is compelling, reflecting the joy and camaraderie these musicians share together.

Cover painting by: Lorraine Pritchard 

Engineer: Peter Kontrimas 

Recording date June 20th 2023