Mike Murley as a leader:


Looking Back – CRSTCD143

Test of Time – CRSTCD140

Still Rollin’ – CRSTCD135
The Melody Lingers On – CBC Records
Extra Time – CRSTCD123 (National Jazz Award Winner)
Murley, Bickert & Wallace – CRSTCD113 (Juno Award Winner)
Conversation Piece – CRSTCD106 (Jazz Report Award Winner)
Departure – CRSTCD104
Time and Tide – UTY131 (Juno Award Nominee)
Two Sides – UTY116 (Juno Award Winner)
The Curse – UTY102

Mike Murley as a co-leader:

Davidson/Murley/Braid Quartet
DMBQ Live – Opening Day/Universal

Murley/Braid Quartet
Mnemosyne’s March – CRSTCD128

Dave Liebman/Mike Murley Quartet
Day and Night – CRSTCD130

Mike Murley and David Occhipinti
Duologue – CRSTCD121 (Juno Award nominee)
Duologue Vol. 2 – OM004

Metalwood – MW001 (Juno Award Winner)
Metalwood 2 – MAX0059 (Juno Award Winner)
Metalwood Live – MAX0062
Metalwood 3 – MAX0064 (Juno Award Nominee)
The Recline – Verve/Blue Thumb 4400140502 (Juno Award Nominee)
Chronic – Verve/Blue Thumb (Juno Award Nominee)

Mike Murley as a sideman:

Rob McConnell Tentet
Rob McConnell Tentet – JUST 150-2 (Juno Award Winner – Grammy Award Nominee)
Thank you Ted – JUST 173-2
Music or the Twenties – JUST 196-2

Barry Elmes
Climbing – UTY122 (Juno Award Nominee)
East West – CRSTCD102
Different Voices – CRSTCD107-2
The Five Minute Warning – CRSTCD115

David Occhipinti Quartet
Intersection – OM003
Forty Revolutions – (Juno Award Nominee)

Tara Davidson
Duets – Addo
Code Breaking – (Juno Award Nominee)

Pat Collins Quartet
In the Moment – CRSTCD 126

Time Warp
Off Center – Parkwood111 (Juno Award Nominee)
Live at George’s – UTY118 (Juno Award Nominee)
There and Back – CRSTCD101
The Time Warp Collection – CRSTCD105-2
The Music of Duke Ellington – CRSTCD108 (Juno Award Nominee)

Maritime Jazz Orchestra
Who Are You – MJO 001 (with Kenny Wheeler)
Siren’s song – JTR 8465-2 (with Kenny Wheeler – Juno Award Nominee)
Now and Now Again JTR 8491-2 (Juno Award nominee)

The Shuffle Demons
Streetniks – Stubby001 (Juno Award Nominee)
Bop Rap – SPL1124
What Do You Want – SPCD1152

Brian Dickinson
October 13th – UTY103
In Transition – UTY120 (Juno Award Winner)

NOJO – AURCD1003 (Juno Award Winner)

John Stech
Rectangle Man – Terra Nova 9004 (Juno Award Nominee)

Stich Wynston’s Modern Surfaces
with Special Guest Paul Bley Buzz – 76006

Jordon O’Conner’s Cash Cow
When We Were Little Girls – TBR002

Joe Sealy
The Africville Suite – Seajam 1005-2 (Juno Award Winner)
Blue Jade – Seajam – 1006-2 (Juno Award Nominee)