Latest trio CD release “Ship Without a Sail”

Cornerstone Records proudly presents “Ship Without a Sail”, a new trio recording from saxophonist Mike Murley featuring bassist Steve Wallace and guitarist Reg Schwager.

A follow up to the 2014 release “Looking Back”, this new CD continues to present mainstream chamber jazz at its best. Always swinging and lyrical, the trio represents a link to the Toronto jazz tradition shaped by legendary artists such as Ed Bickert (guitarist on the first two Murley trio recordings, both Juno Award winners), Guido Basso, Rick Wilkins and the late Rob McConnell.

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  1. In Love in Vain (J. Kern, L. Robin) 5:28
  2. Folhas Secas (G. DeBrito, N. Cavaquinho) 4:30
  3. Ship Without a Sail (R. Rodgers, L. Hart) 6:09
  4. Dexterity (C. Parker) 5:13
  5. You Can’t Go Home Again (D. Sebesky) 4:46
  6. Ever After (K. Wheeler) 4:45
  7. Mean Old Man (J. Taylor) 4:10
  8. Know One (M. Murley) 5:22
  9. Two Degrees East, Three Degrees West (J. Lewis) 6:41
  10. Cry Me a River (A. Hamilton) 4:46

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